Duterte, target na mabawasan ng P7 kada kilo ng bigas

Tila seryoso si Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte na mapababa ang presyo ng bigas sa bansa.

Matapos nitong sertipikahan ng “Urgent” ang Rice Tarification Bill na nakabinbin sa kongreso.

“I ask Congress to prioritize this crucial reform, which I have certified as urgent today. We are also wor­king on long-term solutions. On top of this agenda to lower the price of rice. We need to switch from the current quota system in importing rice to a tariff system where rice can be imported more freely. This will give us additional resources for our far­mers, reduce the price of rice by up to 7 pesos per kilo, and lower inflation significantly,” ani Pangulo.

₱7 tapyas sa kada kilong bigas target ni Digong

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