FULL LIST: 2017 bar exam passers

Out of the 6,748 law graduates who finished the 2017 bar exams, 1,724 passed. The 2017 bar exams posted a passing rate of 25.5 percent.

Below is the full list of bar exam passers:

  1. ABAD, Avalavenia M.
    2. ABANGAN, Joan Risel B.
    3. ABAPO, Yvonne Aussie I.
    4. ABASTA, III, Sancho G.
    5. ABDULCADER, Gada M.
    6. ABDULJALEEL, Sittie Nayilah D.
    7. ABDULLAH, Somayyah S.
    8. ABE, Roenet Mark D.
    9. ABELLANA, Lourde Liz L.
    10. ABELLANOSA, Joanna Mae T. 11. ABENOJA, Nadine C.

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