E-cigarettes, vapes available in PHL do not have FDA registration

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All e-cigarettes advertised as smoking-cessation devices are technicaly illegal, as not one brand has successfully applied for a Certificate of Product Registration, according to Food and drug Administration (FDA) Director Ana Rivera, Center for Cosmetics Regulation and Research.

“Unfortunately, walang nag-aapply pa for CPR, because of the requirements for clinical trials, because it is considered as a part of smoking cessation,” Rivera said during the Department of Health’s (DOH) press briefing on World No Tobacco Day.

Rivera said there are talks within the FDA and DOH to update their regulations to include e-cigarettes and related devices that do not claim to be smoking-cessation devices.

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Money a better motivator to stop smoking than free e-cigs or quit aids

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A new study that weighs the effectiveness of a variety of workplace incentive programs revealed that the threat of taking away cash reward for giving up real cigarettes is more effective than providing free electronic cigarettes or other stop-smoking products to employees.

This research was published in The New England Journal of Medicine and it calls into question the claims by e-cigarette enthusiasts that the devices may be better than traditional quit aids at helping smokers to stop.

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Smartphone app not good enough to track blood pressure in pregnancy

A small experiment suggests that a smartphone application may not give an accurate finding on measuring blood pressure in pregnant women.

According to the senior study author Dr. Thilo Burkard of the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland, a correct diagnosis of pregnancy related hypertension is crucial to tailor individual therapy, especially during pregnancy.

Researchers tested an experimental smartphone app that uses the phone’s camera to monitor blood flow in the index finger with each heartbeat. They compared results from the app to traditional blood pressure measurements taken on 96 occasions in 32 pregnant women.

They wanted to find out if the smartphone app could produce blood pressure readings similar to those recorded with a traditional blood pressure cuff. But the app failed to meet this goal often enough to be considered an accurate test of blood pressure.

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Last Minute DIY Gift for Mother’s Day

IMAGE YouTube/Jordan Clark

If you still haven’t gotten around to buying or making your mom a something for her special day, don’t lose hope. Here’s something cheap, easy to do, and not at all cheesy that your mom will be happy to receive.

YouTuber Jordan Clark shared a tutorial on how to make a mini zine intended to be given to friends, but you can easily swap the quotes or the pictures with something related to your mom. You can come up with a list of her favorite expressions, the 10 things that she always scolds you about, and so on!

Watch the tutorial and get working!


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Research: Pizza can increase work productivity

18Pizza is a bigger motivator compared to cash and it can make people more productive at work when used as a stimulus, according to the book of psychologist Dan Ariely, “Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations” wherein he detailed this research.

In Ariely’s study, wherein he examined four separate groups of employees at an Intel semiconductor factory, he found out that the promise of pizza increased productivity by 6.7 percent on the first day.

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