What’s the purpose of Holy Week processions?

Holy week processions are not just about the life-size images parade in beautiful dresses carried by flower-decorated carrozas. According to Ateneo de Naga University Press director Father Wilmer Tria, its purpose is to remind us of the biblical characters during the public ministry of Jesus and of His passion and death.

Here are the images joining the procession:  Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem, His apostles, the Stations of the Cross, His mother Mary, and the people that showed compassion during His suffering.

(Photo courtesy of Joey Sarte Salceda)
  • Wednesday Procession/Station of the Cross
  • The Last Supper
  • The Agony in the Garden
  • Jesus before the Sandherin
  • The scourging and crowning with thorns
  • Jesus Receives the Cross
  • Jesus falls under the weight of the cross
  • Simon of Cyrene carries the cross of Jesus
  • Jesus turns to the pious women of Jerusalem
  • Jesus nailed on the cross
  • The repentant thief
  • Mary and John at the foot of the cross
  • Jesus dies on the cross
  • Jesus laid in a tomb
  • Jesus rises from death
  • Good Friday Procession/Dead Christ on Good Friday
  • Night Procession on Good Friday/Mater Dolorosa

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